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The Story of SnoBall

My husband and I have always been "dog people". After we lost our second (and last) dog to cancer. I suggested that maybe we should try a cat the next time My husband remarked that, "there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that we will ever have a cat!"

We were returning a raccoon trap to the animal shelter and as I passed one of the cat cages, a little leg and striped paw swiped out through the bars at me. I looked inside to see the most beautiful kitten with big, blue eyes. Apparently, her previous owner had dropped her off at a 24 hour veterinary clinic saying that she didn't want her anymore. It took me all afternoon to talk my husband into going back to the shelter to see her again. It took me another hour to talk him into taking her home.

She is such a sweetheart. She plays from the time she gets up in the morning until she collapses in our laps in the evening. Yes, I said OUR laps. She has completely won over my husband and cuddles up next to him as he reads the paper.

And her name? You guessed it -- SnoBall!

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