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Hurricane Irma Damage - September 10 -11, 2017

I just got out of the hospital/rehab from major back surgery which made this storm especially troubling as I unable to do anything. I'm still in a back brace from neck to butt crack. Poor Mary Ann has her own medical woes and had to be my arms and legs. Luckily, we have great neighbors and everyone pitches in to help each other.

This was by far the worst hurricane we've encountered. The brutal wind and rain lasted for about 12 hours. We lost power at midnight and lost water sometime during the early morning. Fifteen million Floridians were without power for most of the next week.

The windows are intact and we have a roof over our heads. We lost the fence, pool enclosure screens and dozens of roof shingles. I couldn't get good pix of the roof as I can't walk on grass with my walker. With the fence gone, we now have water view property.

The damage was estimated at $23,000.00 and we have a deductible of $6,789.00. Pool enclosure screen wasn't covered and the fence will be depreciated from install date. My insurance company hasn't advised me of specifics yet but I expect notification soon.

Damage pix below.

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