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1969 Mustang Mach 1

I always though that the 1969-70 Mustangs were the best looking vehicles that Ford ever produced with their aggressive stance and styling. I had been searching for a pristine one for years and found this one within 75 miles of my house in Ogden, Ut. It was a 98 point car and was priced accordingly. This car was immaculate with everything done correctly. I purchased the car in 1986.

This is NOT a picture of my Mach 1 in the garage
but I thought it so cool I had to use it here.

The car was painted Acapulco blue with a black interior. It was powered by a big block 390 with a four barrel carburetor. It had true ram air with the shaker hood. The gearbox was a four speed manual. It stopped with front disk and rear drums. The car came with the rare factory chrome dress engine package and an 8 track player (I'll bet most readers are thinking: "What the hell is an 8 track?"). It had all the typical boy racer items including front and rear  spoilers, slats, hood pins, flat black hood and MACH 1 striping. It also had the factory fold down sport deck rear seat. The 1969 390 Mach 1 was the absolute rarest one built (by then all the  performance guys wanted the 428CJ and very few were built)

Little know Mustang fact: Though the Mustang features equine artwork throughout, it was named after the World War II-era P-51 Mustang. John Najjar, the original designer of the Mustang I Prototype, named  the vehicle after the legendary P-51 Mustang fighter plane from World War II. In an interview conducted by Brad Barnett and The Mustang Source in 2004, John Najjar told Barnett he named the car after the airplane. However, his boss at Ford, R. H. Maguire, didn't want an airplane emblem to appear on the car, so they settled on the horse instead.


For a big block with 320 ponies, this thing was a dog. It was heavy and handled poorly in the twisties even equipped with the "handling suspension" package. That being said, this is the ONE CAR that I wish I had never sold and could get back. The styling looks as good today as it did almost 45 years ago.

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