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Rick's Career
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Rick's Career With ATC
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Every new generation of Air Traffic Controllers must deal with learning new projects, new technology, and the associated acronyms that go along with them. Most of the retirees on our list have never seen the updated displays and the peripheral devices and technology. My knowledge about these projects remains frozen in mid 1998, the year  that I "punched out".

Although I never used this display operationally, I was on a development team for the Display System Replacement and was also a cadre instructor to teach fellow Air Traffic Controllers how to use the new system.

I'll always be a dinosaur and actually liked working in the dark. I never did care for the "lighted" control room.  

Here are a few acronyms and links you’ll need to understand the new technology.

ERAM    En Route Automation Modernization
URET    User Request Evaluation Tool
ERIDS  En Route Information Display System

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ZLC Control Room

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